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Slipping and falling may seem harmless, but it can result in surprisingly severe injuries. If you slipped and fell due to hazardous conditions on another’s property, then you may be entitled to compensation. Work with a slip and fall lawyer to pursue damages and fight for your rights. Aydin Law, APC is a Glendale, CA-based firm here to provide personalized service throughout the state of California. We are knowledgeable, caring, and ready to go the extra mile to assist our clients with their cases.

What Is Considered a Slip and Fall Case?

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Slip and fall injuries are considered premise liability cases. Slip and fall cases occur whenever a property owner has unsafe conditions on their property that they don’t warn others about, which leads to an individual falling and hurting themselves. This can include slipping on a wet floor, icy stairs, and more. Injuries can sometimes be minor, but other times can be more severe, and may require an expensive medical evaluation. When you are injured, contact a qualified slip and fall lawyer to represent your case. Elias Aydin, Esq. is an attorney who can help with your slip and fall case, whether you or a loved one has received a minor injury, brain injury, or experienced other problems. He will gather evidence, create a solid case, and fight aggressively on your behalf.

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A slip and fall can result in damage to your back, head, or extremities, and so you may wish to contact a personal injury lawyer to help you fight for compensation. Aydin Law, APC is a personal injury law firm dedicated to providing you with skilled representation. No matter where you are in California, consider calling today for your free consultation. You can receive a free case review when you call now.

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